improve the usage of your goroutines with GODEBUG

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1 GODEBUG=schedtrace=1 go test 2 runtime/trace, trace.Start(), defer trace.Stop()

输出信息的解释: see


SCHED 1004ms: gomaxprocs=4 idleprocs=0 threads=11 idlethreads=4 runqueue=8 [0 1 0 3]
SCHED 2005ms: gomaxprocs=4 idleprocs=0 threads=11 idlethreads=5 runqueue=6 [1 5 4 0]
SCHED 3008ms: gomaxprocs=4 idleprocs=0 threads=11 idlethreads=4 runqueue=10 [2 2 2 1]
  • The first number (“1004ms”) is time since program start. Gomaxprocs is the current value of GOMAXPROCS.
  • Idleprocs is the number of idling processors (the rest are executing Go code).
  • Threads is the total number of worker threads created by the scheduler (threads can be in 3 states: execute Go code (gomaxprocs-idleprocs), execute syscalls/cgocalls or idle).
  • Idlethreads is the number of idling worker threads.
  • Runqueue is the length of global queue with runnable goroutines. The numbers in square brackets ("[0 1 0 3]") are lengths of per-processor queues with runnable goroutines. Sum of lengths of global and local queues represents the total number of goroutines available for execution.

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